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Pharrell Williams Returns with "Double Life": A New Hit for Despicable Me 4?

Nearly a decade after releasing his massive hit "Happy," Pharrell Williams returns to the Despicable Me universe with a new track, "Double Life," which will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming Despicable Me 4. However, some fans believe the song addresses more than just Gru’s narrative.

Running a little over three minutes, the self-produced track sees Pharrell, also known as Skateboard P, revive the upbeat sound familiar to fans of "Happy." He sings about Gru’s literal double life, the central character of the franchise. Meanwhile, speculation is rife online that the lyrics of “Double Life” might be directed at Drake, positioning the track as Pharrell's response to being mentioned in Drake’s “Family Matters.” Pharrell hints, much like Gru, that Drake has another side unknown to many, concluding the song with foreboding lyrics about making a choice.

You can stream Pharrell Williams’ “Double Life” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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