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Dr. Dre Declares Eminem the Supreme MC: A Studio Revelation

In a recent interview on James Corden's podcast, Dr. Dre discussed his first studio session with Eminem. At the time, the rapper and producer met at the office of Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope. Following their meeting, Slim Shady and Dr. Dre immediately went to the studio to start recording.

Hi My Name Is" was the first thing that happened. Dr. Dre played the track, and Eminem immediately nailed it. It all happened very quickly, marking the start of their relationship. The statement that drew the most attention wasn't about the song itself but Dr. Dre's view that Eminem is the greatest MC of all time, bar none. He emphasized that Eminem's talent isn't just about being white; it's about unmatched skill on the mic. Dr. Dre defines an MC not just as a rapper but as a master of ceremonies or microphone controller, originally a role for those hyping up the crowd for DJs. For Dre, when it comes to performing behind a mic, Eminem is the greatest.



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